It's all about the Benjamins, baby.

It's all about the Benjamins, baby.

It's high time we peel back the curtain and reveal business, money and tax strategies that can create serious wealth. We're talking about money moves you thought were reserved for big corps and billionaires. Well it's time to claim your seat at the table. Go ahead and pull up a chair.

Tax & Business Strategy

Freebird Financial is not like other firms. We strive to connect with each and every one of our clients in a meaningful way and help guide you through YOUR unique situations and how the tax code affects you and your business. We also saw a huge void in education around 'the business' of being a business owner. The phrase we hear most often is “no one told me I had to do that.” Well, we’re here to guide you through the scary, complicated shit, saving you time and $MONEY$. This isn't just about taxes (which is included). This is about utilizing your business to create the life of your dreams.

You're in good hands: IRS Enrolled Agent | Certified Tax Coach | Master of Accountancy

Hi, I'm Ali Vee

I'm a soft spoken (but outspoken), potty mouthed, business badass. When I'm not crunching numbers or researching tax laws I'm either hitting the links or doing something fast, loud & fishy. 

Freebird Financial was born after 15+ years in business operations, managing multi-million dollar businesses. I needed to KNOW why my numbers differed from corporate. When I received unsatisfactory replies, I did what any logical person would do...Quit > get a Masters in Accounting > become an IRS Enrolled Agent and Certified Tax Coach. Totally normal. Now I help business owners make decisions that are advantageous today, tomorrow and at tax time.

Combine a business background with a strategic (legal-loophole-loving) tax nerd and you've got a whole lot of passion backing your business. Let's get to work!

Investing in your business is a big deal and we take that seriously at Freebird.

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all, because it doesn't. We look forward to chatting and learning more about your unique business and financial goals. 

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